Afreaze F. Demeter
Afreaze portrait
Background information
 Debut Crimson Alive: Burst Again
 Other appearances Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter
 Full Name Afreaze F. Demeter
 Alias Afreaze
 Fighting style Her own fighting style that makes ​​full use of the band discharge capacity
 Age 16 (appearance)
 Occupation Onodera Corporation F-type artificial soldier
 Personality Faithful in her instruction. Without emotion but earnestly cool.
 Family/Relatives None (or F type of artificial soldiers as all sisters)
 Friends Shiny F. Demeter, Iris F. Demeter, Dr. Demeter
 Enemies Rachel Kirihara, Ren Onodera
 Likes None
 Dislikes None
 Affiliation Onodera Corporation
 Hobbies None
 Alignment Good
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Hair color Pink
 Eye color Red
 Designer(s) Keropyon
Intercept timing, it was almost grasp. There is no longer losing the elements.
~ Afreaze F. Demeter

Afreaze F. Demeter (jap. アフリーズ・F・デメーテル) is a character of Crimson Alive series, debuted in Burst Again.


Afreaze F. Demeter is an android of "Demeter" series that was built by the genius scientist of Onodera Corporation named Dr. Demeter. She is also one of the same type and age with Shiny F. Demeter, but she was born earlier, which is showing the results of combat capability to clear the reference level. Of course, it has seemed a problem in character formation, where the doll state is without a thing about her personality.

"F -type" is still valuable and costs weapons, which are determined that there is any ability for judgment of instruction. Unlike Shiny, she shows the weak mental place that was determined the degree of completion as a high weapon. And now, the creativity received an instruction of  Dr. Demeter to start the electric doll action that does not have a heart.


In the laboratory of Onodera Corporation, Afreaze was born early by the hands of Dr. Demeter just after Shiny.


Crimson Alive: Burst Again

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Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

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Move List

Special Moves (Nirvana) Input
Plasma Shoot D + DF + F + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Air)
Rising Blow F + D + DF + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Blake Punish D + DB + B + Kick or Very Powerful Attack
Super Combo (Overlay) Input (1 gauge usage)
Blue Tall Plasma Shoot Very Powerful Attack + Break Arts
Super Combo (Final Act) Input (2 gauge usage)
Beta Aegis (Air) D + DF + F + Break Arts
Meteor Blast D + DB + B + Break Arts
Hyper Combo (Max Force) Input (4 gauge usage)
Fatal Flash F + D + DF + Break Arts
Unique Skills Input
Special Skill 1 F + Kick
Special Skill 2 DF + Kick (No cancellation)