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Crimson Alive: Burst Again
Original game logo.











Release date(s)

December 30, 2003


Fighter Maker






Teen Content


Keyboard and Joystick


OS: Windows XP 98 SE or newer
Direct X: Direct X7 or above
CPU: Pentium Ⅲ 800 MHz or newer
Memory: 64 MBs or more
Sound card: Sound blaster and those equipped with a PCM sound source

Graphics card: 4 equipped with a megabyte or more of video memory
Resolution: 800X600 or more



Crimson Alive: Burst Again (jap. クリムゾン アライヴ バースト アゲイン) is a freeware 2D competitive fighting game made by doujin circle Keropyon and exclusively released for Microsoft Windows in 2003. It is also the second installment of Crimson Alive series.


In the second work 2D fighting game that coterie Circle "Keropyon" was the development of "Crimson Alive",. Works ASCII 2D Fighting Maker 2nd. It is a legitimate sequel to "Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic". In addition to the boss "Afurizu · F · Demeter" is adapted to be used as a player character in the previous work, 3 character "Night phobia", "Toru Kugami" and "Lingling" add new. 13 people the main character, making it the volume surpassed the middle boss, the previous work and the final boss. Operation 4-button lever 8 + direction "punch", "kick", "large attack power" and "Break Arts". Basic operation, the basic system is the same as the previous work completely. Assembly towards the continuous tricks is rich indeed continue, characterized enjoy a variety of cooperation. Because there is a choice to how to take a passive, I just glad to have the continued fight to always speedy. The place where there is no let interrupted the flow of the battle, you have been making high exhilarating feeling, I prefer personally. Like its predecessor, the game system has become a finish that was very good also in 2D fighting Maker works, if those who played the first operation, it will be software that you want to get by all means. The sequel "Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter", for various modifications is in the system, this work will be title roundup of "original Crimson Alive" virtually.

Basis operations

Action Input
Punch D button
Kick A button
Very Powerful Attack E button
Break Arts B button
Dash F + F
Hop backward B + B
Higher jump Hold D + U
Guard B (when the enemy is closed)
Attack avoidance Punch + Kick or F button
Throw F + Strong Punch
Counter-Attack (During an enemy attack) L + Punch
Evasive movement F + Punch + Kick
Beat rave combo Strong Punch + Break Arts
Passive U + each button




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