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Rubette Folnarc she got guns and I really means guns that able to shoot the opponent from far away not just use the Muzzle flash to burn the opponent... like Noel Vermillion from Blazblue series... you can beat the game with her easily by using a gun only stand far away from the opponent and keep spam the shoot button... but... please don't do this with real player... it's a cheap move and not fun at all.... however her strong ability not just range combat but the melee combat is very good as well it deals a lot of damage and push the opponent back so you will have space to shoot the opponent... overall she is the most dangerous character that I quite don't want to deal with but it's really fun to play as her _________________________________________ Crimson Alive Extreme Encounter 2d Fighter Maker Engine Publishers by Keropyon Platform : PC 2004 ( maybe ? ) I got this game from my cosin long.... Loooong time ago... that's why I'm not sure which year... sorry... you can pick up this game for 1440 yen from SURPARA MARKET or go to the developer webside to check out about this game _________________________________________ Crimson Alive Extreme Encounter Back when my PC was windows Me or windows XP I used to play this game a lot with my cousin it's so much fun when I run this game with real player not AI because the story mode was too hard to beat for me ( back then ) the difficulty jump from too easy like a joke to nightmare and frustration when I got to the boss fight... because the boss keep spam infinite of the projectiles over and over again... but it's feel really good when able to beat the game.... yeah... it's hard but it's so much fun and.... you should try it.... I recommend to use the Xbox controller / keyboard because the D-Pad PlayStation controller might hurt you finger really bad and don't event try to play this game with Thumb Stick or you might lose control and do the wrong move... recommend play this game on lv.4 ( hardest ) difficulty _________________________________________

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