Hikari Yuki
Hikari portrait
Actual portrait of Hikari Yuki.

Fighting style

"Claiming" Cat Magic (Witchcraft)


Unknown (over 500 years)


Cat fairy?


Whim in moody and Nori is light.


The cat family


Nap, disappearance (when she thinks that she will not stay suddenly, come back or from where after a few days)


Fried chicken (her broom recently), High place (somehow high place is just like a princess)


The instruction, crow (apparently there are guys who tease the neighborhood of cat)


Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic
Crimson Alive: Burst Again
Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter



Nante wins the inner hundred years early. Nyan! Nyah but good re-training to the afterlife.
~ Hikari Yuki

Hikari Yuki (Japanese: 結城ひかり) is a character of Crimson Alive series, first appeared in Genesis of The Heretic as her debut.


A specter cat is living a time of several hundred years, regardless of the apparent Akira Yuki. While the experiences in a series of laid back basking in the sun today, it was hogging the indolence. To such her ​​ex, herbs Tamao of Inu are came. Despite anything that happened recently in this area, seeming irregular of the outsider is settled and the turf of local specter has violated. When she leaves here, it could not spread the extra trouble in the region.


Yuki looks cute and identity uses both cat magic and specter of elusive Nekomata. For her behavior and actions at a glance, it is childish, but in fact wise and knowledgeable. Flat appeared to be the exact advice and not a few. She is also a teacher of eternal girls.


Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic

To be added...

Crimson Alive: Burst Again

To be added...

Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

Hmm, troublesome Kedo is not Nya. Kokontoko Youkai in the deed of irregular but it is because they were Mewaku meow!
~ Hikari Yuki

In order to tell it the courtesy of indigenous transcendence species outsider known as the irregular, she decided to go out.

Other appearances

Outside of Crimson Alive series, Hikari made her appearance in Angel Star Road: Championship Carnival, another fighting indie game series created by Keropyon. She actually appeared in her sexy look and her move set is quite different to her debut. In Arcade Mode ending, she appears to get transformed into a cat by her magical powers.

Move List

Special Moves (Nirvana) Input
Witchcraft and Cat's Soul D + DF + F + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Air)
Witchcraft Cat Trick (Land) F + D + DF + Punch or Kick or Very Powerful Attack
Witchcraft Cat Trick (Heaven) B + D + DB + Punch or Kick or Very Powerful Attack
Additional input technique for Trick Cat
Witchcraft Cat Back Shell (Landing) U + Punch
Witchcraft Cat Back B (Landing) U + Kick
Witchcraft Cat Sleeps Into Her (Landing) U + Very Powerful Attack
Witchcraft Cat's Stick D + DB + B + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Witchcraft Cat Over Bridge D + DB + B + Kick (You can put out a kick of additional input in the kick button during tricks)
Super Combo (Overlay) Input (1 gauge usage)
Intervene Witchcraft Foxfire Very Powerful Attack + Break Arts
Super Combo (Final Act) Input (2 gauge usage)
Wrath of Witchcraft Cats D + DF + F + Break Arts
Flurry Soul Witchcraft Cats D + DB + B + Break Arts
Hyper Combo (Max Force) Input (4 gauge usage)
Back Witchcraft Cat Formula F + D + DF + Break Arts
Unique Skills Input
Air Dash (Air) F + F
Air Dash Backward (Air) B + B
Unique Attack 1 (Air) D + Kick
Unique Attack 2 F + Punch



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