Mana Onodera
Mana portrait
Background information
 Debut Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic
 Other appearances Crimson Alive: Burst Again

Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

 Full Name Mana Onodera
 Alias Mana
 Fighting style Doll manipulation + unconscious under the defense instinct (detailed capacity unknown)
 Age 12
 Occupation Elite student
 Personality Taciturn and heavily shy with introverted personality.
 Family/Relatives Tsuyoshi Saburo (father), Ren Onodera (sister)
 Friends Ren Onodera, Amane Asakura
 Enemies Rachel Kirihara
 Likes Herself, asking the doll made ​​by her sister ( name named " morgue "), cat
 Dislikes Crowd, scary people
 Affiliation Onodera Corporation
 Hobbies Collecting dolls (she has attracted a cat doll in particular), reading (always reading a book in the room)
 Alignment Neutral
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Hair color Silver
 Eye color Red
 Designer(s) Keropyon
~ Mana Onodera

Mana Onodera (Japanese: ジェーン・ドゥ) is a character of Crimson Alive series, first appeared in her debut titled Genesis of The Heretic.


Mana Onodera is the exclusive girl of the global, large company known as Onodera Corporation, with the help of Amane Asakura, putting a voice to her that she is reading a book muffled in the room. But, shy person Mishiri of intense love tells that it is not her who is quite an open mind to Amane. However, Mana is not a reluctant appearance, originally to take out her quiet and hate exercise outside iodide, not the easiest way. However, the reason is that the leave and love do not want to go out forever, while Amane has a trump card. It will be an issue. Light of curiosity dwells in the pupil of Mana named Shimeshime, who is like not having the eyes of a cat and Amane.




Mana has a special ability of perpetuation, and can possess her friendly pseudo dolls. It is possible to operate by giving life. Then Taciturn, a shy violent power that is always alone there often. It is always important to hold a doll that Mana had made. Besides, she always summons Amane, who will take care of personal belongings that are always there.


Crimson Alive: Genesis of the Heretic

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Crimson Alive: Burst Again

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Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

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Move List

Special Moves (Nirvana) Input
Head Out D + DF + F + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Air)
Marionette Punch F + D + DF + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Doll Spin Attack D + DB + B + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Air)
Doll Act D + D + Punch or Kick or Very Powerful Attack
Super Combo (Overlay) Input (1 gauge usage)
4-Doll Attack Very Powerful Attack + Break Arts
Super Combo (Final Act) Input (2 gauge usage)
Splash Infinity D + DF + F + Break Arts
Amane's Assistance D + DB + B + Break Arts
Hyper Combo (Max Force) Input (4 gauge usage)
Full Potential F + D + DF + Break Arts
Unique Skills Input
Air Dash (Air) F + F
Air Dash Backward (Air) B + B
Throw (It can absorb an opponent's strength in the normal throw)