Ringring portrait
Background information
 Debut Crimson Alive: Burst Again
 Other appearances Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter
 Full Name Ringring
 Alias None
 Fighting style Short surgical instruments without asking
 Age 17
 Occupation High school student
 Personality Good bright capital. Also somewhat lowbrow surface.
 Family/Relatives Teacher, training companion
 Friends Lieyan
 Enemies Ren Onodera, Rachel Kirihara
 Likes Dumplings, sesame balls, Japanese culture
 Dislikes Mayonnaise
 Affiliation None
 Hobbies Information program ornamental, practice
 Alignment Good
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Hair color Dark green
 Eye color Khaki
 Designer(s) Keropyon
It was me who sees tricks now? Though I think it went pretty well.
~ Ringring

Ringring (jap. 鈴凛), also known as Ling Ling or Rin Rin (りんりん), is a character of Crimson Alive series, first appeared in the second installment titled Burst Again.


While fencing off Chinese consumers, Ringring is an orphan who has trained in Chinese hinterland from a young age along with the best friend of Retsu-en I have had. I was eager to touch the Japanese culture at large of Japanophile. When you go on to high school students, the Japanese school Enrolled. Teacher brother in China are asked to let the hanger in herbal medicine shop to management. Roots a serious, unfussy and the personality. In studying the house, as sports science nor about their own training Go in from a fine analysis file by recording the data in the beans and has become such a thickness as dictionaries That. The study of Chinese herbal medicine is also a personal favorite, often Retsu-en is in the experimental stage.


Ringring is a consumer of Chinese swordsmanship and a Japanophile Lingling (Rin Rin or Ringring) left the motherland China, currently , Han in Japan It engaged Kata drugstore I have settled in brother 's house of swordsmanship teacher. One day she accidentally, will be witnessed irregular that the red figure that attack humans. Situ to rid the irregular in her swordsmanship, but I got the Kotonaki, the irregular The it will be escaped. Lingling is the inherent sense of justice, from the sense of responsibility that had to escape, follow the scarlet irregular Firm 's determination, it was to start the action.


Crimson Alive: Burst Again

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Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

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Move List

Special Moves (Nirvana) Input
Ji Empty Daoshi D + DF + F + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Middle judgment only for powerful large attack)
Cut Empty Roar F + D + DF + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Back-To-Mention Extreme Wave D + DB + B + Kick
Sundance Promenade Ren Attack D + DB + B + Punch or Very Powerful Attack (Use only punch button three times)
Super Combo (Overlay) Input (1 gauge usage)
Cutting-Down Empty Ryogoku Ren Very Powerful Attack + Break Arts
Super Combo (Final Act) Input (2 gauge usage)
Clear-Away Debris Peaks Blade (Air) D + DF + F + Break Arts
Strong Earthquake Cut D + DB + B + Break Arts
Hyper Combo (Max Force) Input (4 gauge usage)
Ten-Star Red Jump Funeral Ceremony F + D + DF + Break Arts
Unique Skills Input
Special Skill DF + Punch