Towa Yuhazaki
Towa Yuhazaki
Background information
 Debut Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic
 Other appearances Crimson Alive: Burst Again

Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

 Full Name Towa Yuhazaki
 Alias Towa
 Fighting style Self-taught surgical martial arts with fire element (based on Ouroboros expressions funeral soldiers fighting style)
 Age 17
 Occupation High school student
 Personality Sociable and cheerful. The Ri is somewhat simple ownership.
 Family/Relatives Kazuma, Futarigurashi (both are twin brothers), Nitsu (parent)
 Friends Toru Kugami (friendly rival), Himeno Anekouji
 Enemies Ren Onodera, Rachel Kirihara
 Likes Tea, traveling alone (mainly inside the train)
 Dislikes Ship (because of seasickness. Otherwise rides calm)
 Affiliation None
 Hobbies Collecting earrings, cuisine (both Japanese and Western in on all-round, prowess Iron-man class)
 Alignment Neutral good
 Status Alive
 Gender Female
 Hair color Slate blue
 Eye color Blue
 Designer(s) Keropyon
No such sparks will pay principle that befall but bad!
~ Towa Yuhazaki

Towa Yuhazaki (Japanese: 勇覇崎 永遠, Kana: ゆうはざき とわ) is a character in Crimson Alive series, as well as the first true heroine and her debut called Genesis of The Heretic particularly. She is a High school girl who lives somewhere in Tokyo. Besides, she is a girl of unusual talent that Mochiawaseru is born a unique ability to manipulate fire.



Towa has two family members including her twin brothers Kazuma and Futarigurashi and her parent Nitsu. There's a secret to the birth but the details are unknown for parents. To perpetuate the ability for flame, there seems to be hidden about this.


Towa is a 17-year-old girl with a long slate blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a red ribbed, cropped short jacket with white trims and outlines, blue fists, red miniskirt with two lines and white trim at the bottom, blue knee highs (purple for in-game) and red over-the-knee boots with white trim and outlines.


Towa has an ability to manipulate the fire element and skilled in performing her Kusanagi-styled martial arts.


Crimson Alive: Genesis of The Heretic

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Crimson Alive: Burst Again

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Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter

Together with her best friend Himeno Anekouji and an anonymous, classmate who became an unusual talent, had sent their days to investigate the "irregular" incident by receiving the plan from the government since. Yo seems to have entered the country from abroad one day, from the government, the tracking of special irregular named Lai. The capture in strict confidence, this creature seems to have been hiding in Tokyo, or to destroy everything around. In order to solve things before the victim out, women are about to begin the action.

Move List

Special Moves (Nirvana) Input
Main Flame D + DF + F + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Crimson Slayer F + D + DF + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Assault Spike D + DB + B + Kick (Air)
Carmine Edge D + DB + B + Punch or Very Powerful Attack
Heat Grave D + DF + F + Kick
Red Dagger (Air) D + DF + F + Kick
Super Combo (Overlay) Input (1 gauge usage)
Vanishing Strike Very Powerful Attack + Break Arts
Super Combo (Final Act) Input (2 gauge usage)
Crimson Gay Borg D + DF + F + Break Arts (Air)
Triple Burst Strike D + DB + B + Break Arts
Hyper Combo (Max Force) Input (4 gauge usage)
Cross-Fire F + D + DF + Break Arts
Unique Skills Input
Special Skill 1 DF + Punch
Special Skill 2 DF + Very Powerful Attack



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